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Motoi Shimizu

927 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Dahan , Motoi Shimizu 927 days ago
Jonathan D sound2ILDA @ backspace.tokyo
Control a laser projector using ILDA over audio!
Prototyped DB25 to breadboard. Balanced Left output (TRS) for X+, X-, GND. Balanced Right output (TRS) for Y+, Y-, GND
We used a Ulttra Lite mk3 Hybrid usb2 audio card + an Lighting Craft AP30RGB Laser Projector
Soldered DB25 adaptor side
  • Build a 1/4" to DB25 adaptor box
  • Buy small heat shrink to secure DB25 connections
  • Cut cables to length
  • Solder to TRS headers
  • Test more demos!
Motoi S Shopping list
  • small heat shrink tube
Jonathan D
  • cable - 3 more colors (orange, purple, gray?)
Motoi S
  • alligator clip
Jonathan D
  • male header pins
  • oscilloscope probe adapters?

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