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Kimon Keramidas

1242 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Kimon Keramidas , Jonathan Dahan 1242 days ago
This proposal is for work to be done by Jonathan Dahan for Kimon Keramidas at Bard Graduate Center
  Setup consists of getting a working development environment for each of the following digital environments:  Commodore 64, Macintosh Plus, Palm Pilot, iPad, and Kinect. During setup I will document how I got each development environment working on a modern computer, with appropriate screenshots/video. In addition, I will provide updates via email and either a skype or in person meeting every other week to go over progress.
  I will visit the class at least three times throughout the semester to help them develop the scripts for each interaction. Early in the semester, we will brainstorm and go over what makes each platform unique, and what we want to convey to each audience. In the middle of the semester, I will provide critique for each platform, and we will work on integration of the scripts to be a cohesive whole. Late in the semester, we will have a final presentations and I'll provide alpha prototypes as appropriate, and sample users to go through those prototypes.
Throughout the semester I will be available to all students via email, phone, instant message, etc.
I plan on provide commented code, and external documentation on the setup, installation, and running of all software. For any non-code deliverables, a journal of research and development will be kept up-to-date. Both of these should reduce the impact should any circumstance outside my control prevent continued work, and allow for the successful completion of the project.
  • Assumptions
Below is a cost and time estimate for each phase, commeserate with the scope of work outlined above. Payment schedule should be split in thirds, commuserate with completion of each of the three phases. Total estimate is $27,500 for around 10 weeks of work over a 10 month period.
Research ($11000) [July-Sept]
  • Commodore 64 - $2000
  • Mac Plus - $2000
  • Palm Pilot - $2500
  • iPad - $2000
  • kinect - $2500
Development ($6500) [Sept-Dec]
  • in-school days $1500
  • "office hours" via phone / email / im $1500
  • user interface research $1000
  • alpha prototyping $2500
Installation ($10000 days) [Dec-Apr]
  • final development + testing + documentation $2000 * 5 platforms

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