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Sean McIntyre

1382 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sean McIntyre , Jonathan Dahan 1382 days ago
Jonathan D We are trying this out in a modern.ie virtual machine, specifically, the windows 7 IE 11 vm (which is 32-bit). Make sure to enable 2D video acceleration or openFrameworks apps will be scared because they can't find a framebuffer they like.
Sean M Getting the D-Imager up with the BeagleBone
How to setup the BeagleBone to work with the D-Imager:
  1. Download the D-Imager BeagleBone image BeagleBone
  1. Copy the image onto the MicroSD card
  1. I did this by following Adafruit instructions
  1. Remember that if you do dd in OS X, you can do kill -INFO 12345 on the pid to see the transfer status :)
  1. Oh actually CTRL-T in the dd process window also works!
  1. Not entirely sure of what worked to get a serial connection to the BeagleBone, but I did the following:
  1. Downloaded the drivers from here 
  1. Followed the instructions from here (but not using their Info.plist)
  1. Rebooted my computer, then unplugged and replugged my BeagleBone
  1. Then I could find the /dev/tty.usbserial-*B device, which is the BeagleBone
  1. sudo screen /dev/tty.usbserial-*B 115200, then use user root (no password)
  1. Download the code and drivers
  1. asdf
  1. Install a toolchain to cross-compile the drivers for the D-Imager
Jonathan D DImager settings
depth range 20 = 48"
for a person with wingspan 6' you need to be 6' away to capture entire wingspan
  • 40"-103" IRL is 20-40 parameter
41" high from the floor
  • GET /calibrated
  •   If we can see a bounding box that is at least 50% of the width of the camera, return 1
  • GET /start
  •   Start counting jumping jacks
  • GET /stop
  •   Stop counting jumping jacks 
  • GET /jumpingjacks
  •   Return the jumpingjack counter
Mini has 

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